A dozen passengers are trapped in the subway with a killer on the loose. Inside the cars and in the surrounding darkness of the tracks, characters are mysteriously picked off by a cunning killer; alliances form and finger pointing ensues, as each believes another is guilty. The whodunit unfolds in the manner of a classic Agatha Christie mystery, but with the grit and pulp of modern-day New York City.

On a non-interactive platform like a theater or a television, 3RD RAIL plays like a standard film. It automatically switches between the different storylines of each subway car in a behavior known as the Director's Cut, which allows 3RD RAIL to be watched linearly and exhibited as a feature film.

However, 3RD RAIL's primary interactive element – and what sets it apart from traditional films – is the ability to deviate from the Director's Cut and choose which subway car to view in real-time. By using an input device on any connected platform – a mouse, remote control, touch screen, or keypad – viewers can instantly switch between multiple simultaneous storylines and uncover clues on their own.

Clues, interactions, and even killings will be "hidden" outside of the Director's Cut, while viewer-triggered flashbacks incrementally reveal the backstory and form another layer of mystery to unravel. Through triggered flashbacks and simultaneous, real-time storylines, 3RD RAIL's wealth of hidden content creates meaningful rewards and implores viewers to replay each episode in an attempt to solve the mystery.

We are currently seekign production financing. For more information or to gain access to the demo, please write to contact [at] exitstrategy.tv

RYAN KOO In addition to co-creating the online series The West Side (winner of the 2008 Webby Award for Best Drama Series), Koo has shot for Focus Features, The Workbook Project, and Ralph Lauren; he has written for Filmmaker Magazine and Weblogs, Inc.; and he has served as a Senior Designer for Rhapsody and MTV. His films have played several film festivals nationwide, he was the recipient of a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, and he is building an independent online following with his web site NoFilmSchool, which currently receives over 2 million views a month.

ZACK LIEBERMAN co-created the award-winning online series The West Side and was named one of Filmmaker Magazine’s 25 New Faces of Independent Film (alongside fellow co-creator Koo); the magazine heralded The West Side as “ingenious low-budget independent filmmaking that just happens to be viewable only on the Web.” With a professional background in film production, design, and web development, Lieberman has been instrumental in the launch of numerous online projects as a Senior Producer at MTV; he most recently spent his days leading digital media production for an acclaimed Sony Pictures Television property and won an Emmy Award as part of this team. You can follow Lieberman at zdLLdz.com

Koo and Lieberman together founded the transmedia production company EXIT STRATEGY which focuses on telling engaging, substantive stories and designing rich, cross-platform experiences. The duo has designed and produced a bleeding-edge multi-angle online concert series for MTV, an undertaking that garnered them an applicable set of skills for 3rd Rail: they have high-stakes experience designing intuitive multi-angle interfaces, implementing concurrent streams of switchable online video, and working within complex content management systems in a multi-angle interactive production environment. Read more about their past projects at exitstrategy.tv